Dear Mr. Jobs: A Foodie Wants More From the iPad

Dear Mr. Jobs,
It was good to see you at this week's unveiling of the newest iPad2. Those little devices are amazing, and I can see it fitting in nicely with my life. If only your iPad could make and receive phone calls via a bluetooth-ish device, you and I could have a deal.

I know this may sound like a step backward in terms of size, but have you seen my handbag? I schlep. That is what I do.

I understand that an iPad/telephone may not fit into the back pants pocket of my male counterparts. The men in my sphere don't seem to carry a handbag, or have not caught on to the hip manbag, like Terrance Howard,
Mathew McConaughey,

or Seal,

but all of my female friends do. Your iPad is only about a pound heavier than your iPhone. Trust me: We women can handle it. We frequently carry our phones, our computers, and our handbags. Make life easier for me, Mr. Jobs, and I'm in.

Your iPad would, among other things, hold apps for my grocery list for the week,

...and the recipes I plan to cook.

How cool is that? I like the idea of taking a backlit iPad into the kitchen and cooking from it. The screen on my iPhone just isn't big enough from my aging eyes to tell teaspoons from tablespoons in the kitchen. Your iPad, on the other hand, is the perfect size.

Your iPad would eliminate my need for a book reader from one of your competitors for cookbooks. Quite frankly, I've been reserving judgement on this reader idea, but a I see my cookbook shelves filling up, it seems it make more and more sense. By having your Apple reader, you also loop me in to being a forever iTunes customer. That sounds good for us both, doesn't it, Mr. Jobs?
You have all kinds of slick covers, but I'm particularly fond of this bamboo one, which somehow de-technifies and softens such a high-tech gadget. I see this working aesthetically and technologically.

In summary, Mr. Jobs, when your iPad3 can also serve as my telephone, I'll be a devoted customer. If, kind sir, you could make this happen before next Christmas, I can almost guarantee a big uptick in your sales, myself included.

Thank you for listening.

My best,
Pam @ Sticks Forks Fingers


  1. I am an IT guy and I have to say I think our fascination with these gadgets is ridiculous. I have a Blackberry so I can get my personal e-mail on the go. I use it to Tweet now too, but I'm not an app guy.

    I think what everyone misses about how technology helps us is by imposing putting structure on our activities. Sadly being organized isn't something we have to have a computer force us to do. There have always been productive and organized people, they just had the will to impose structure on themselves.

    That's my tech rant for the day.


  2. Ditto what you said!! I hope he is listening!!

  3. You can make free (domestic/USA) calls from your Google account! However, not sure how folks would call

  4. I want a Xoom, but refuse to pay so much for the data plan. I'm waiting for the cost to come down!

  5. It's coming... our IT support company was just showing us the Xoom, and talking about the future of bluetooth phone capability. I can't imagine Apple will let Microsoft pass them up for too long. I can't wait. It's great for people on the road - smaller and lighter than a laptop, but large enough to do work on, unlike our phones. I love my iPhone and have a lot vested in iTunes too. I am afraid I very much dislike blackberries! Horribly unfriendly for users - especially for those who are not computer saavy (whom I deal with daily)I will never go back from my iPhone!

  6. Love your handbag.
    Love my mac, iphone and kindle. Different things for different things. But, even though I have an iphone I use very few apps. I find that the more involved I get with technology, the more time I waste and become a slave to. But there is nothing like being stuck at an appointment, nail salon, hair salon, etc. and pulling out my kindle and doing something more productive than checking emails and face book. I'm actually reading real books again.

  7. I want an iPad too....perhaps we can get a major deal from the company.....a blogger deal......

  8. It's funny to read what Jason said because I'm in the IT industry too and I don't even have a blackberry. I just have a flip phone. No kindle; I read real books. No ipod, I have a CD player and let the whole room fill with the music.

    But, I do hope that Mr. Jobs was listening. It's an awesome idea; and I bet it's coming.

  9. Skype!It really does work! I use it from overseas quite a bit!

  10. I'm sure a different tablet will beat them to the punch.. but Apple will come through ;)


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