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Chocolove Chocolate Bars

How do I love thee? Enough to share news about a delicious find I recently made in time that you can seek it out before Valentine's Day, that's how much.

It was instant attraction. Packages in a palette of pretty colors, a fancy stamp suggesting the chocolate enrobed botanicals, a "postmark" from the origin of the chocolate (Belgium), the clearly marked cocoa content of each variety, and the promise of a love poem inside. Aaaah. It was only then that I noticed the dazzling array of options: Chilies & Cherries in Dark Chocolate, Almonds & Sea Salt in Dark Chocolate, Ginger Crystallized in Dark Chocolate, Cherries & Almonds in Dark Chocolate, Raspberries in Dark Chocolate, and more. From the 33% cocoa (milk chocolate) with toffee, to the mid-ranged 55% cocoa with cherries and almonds, to the stout 77% extra strong dark chocolate, these wonderful and large chocolate bars from Chocolove in Boulder, Colorado have something for everyone.

Faeries Who Live in Faerie Houses Love Chocolate Too
(Faerie House by my Favorite Four-Year-Old, Cilla)

After an arduous and demanding research study I offer Chocolove the "Sticks Forks Seal of Approval." This is really nice chocolate. Smooth and melty on the tongue,  a nice clean snap along the score lines, and a rich, warm not-too-sweet flavor. I had wondered if the intense flavors were intended to mask an inferior chocolate, and all I can say is that these bars end up being greater than the sum of their pleasurable parts. The cherries are nicely chewy, just enough ancho and chipotle chili to warm and excite the palate, the sea salt creates an absolute playground in your mouth along with the toasted almonds, the crystallized ginger offers textural contrast, and all the add-ins are well balanced both in quantity and with the percentage of cocoa to which it is married.

Seek out the Chocolove bars for your Valentine this year. If you can't find them locally, you can order them by the dozen direct. A few of these for the Object of Your Desire (there are 23 varieties in the array) will easily replace the universal heart-shaped box to set you apart from the other suitors and win hearts for sure. The enchanting classic love poems inside the wrapper could even suffice as a card.
 A Few of My Favorite Varieties of Chocolove


  1. I've reviewed these in the past and just bought a few more with some gift money myself. They are very nice, I fully agree. I found a huge selection of them at the best retail chocolate place in my town but it looks like you found a good source, too.

    Now Chocolove needs to send us both more samples and host a giveaway for both of us, right?

  2. Never heard of Chocolove. I'll have to search it out. I love the combo of chiles and chocolate and have made my own chipotle chocolate and also ancho chocolate. Every packaged kind I've tried has not been hot enough and has not been flavorful enough. Thanks for sharing your find.


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