Copper Rivers and Sunny Skies

 Glorious Copper River Salmon

It's the end of June and the flannel sheets jut came off the bed today. The grill is finally ready for full-on action, not just the occasional use between rain showers it has received in the last couple of months. The indoor table is being passed over for one of the al freso dining rooms available on our property, with every meal, morning, noon and night being taken outside.
 Our Trusty Weber

Summer, ladies and gents, it seems, has finally arrived in Oregon.

 Some with Pesto, Some Without

I'm determined to use the grill as frequently as possible before Labor Day. A glorious Copper River King salmon fillet swabbed in a layer of fresh pesto, bathed in smoke and heat until the skin is rendered crisp is about as wonderful as a meal gets. A few grilled vegetables, a marinated potato salad and a quintessential Oregon Pinot Noir made for one of the most memorable meals I can recall.

Argyle 2008 Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley

Argyle 2008 Pinot Noir (given 90 points by both Wine Advocate and Wine Spectator, not that I put too much stock in such things) has beautiful balance of fruit, acid and tannin. Spice box on the nose, Oregon berry and cherry fruit and damp clean peat work so perfectly with the crackly-skinned salmon.

Copper River salmon is only available for a very short window, so we are sure to take advantage whenever we see it. The goodness of salmon from this particular river is not hype. These stellar athletes of fish must swim 300 miles up a 1000' elevation in cold waters to their spawning grounds, requiring extra amounts of those precious Omega-3's. It is these conditions that cause Copper River salmon to have its red rich flesh, succulent flavor, firm texture and high oil content which makes it excellent for the grill.

 Can you believe that the weather forecast predicts rain again tomorrow? Maybe those flannel sheets came off a day or two too soon.


  1. It looks absolutely gorgeous! I'll trade you some 100-degree days for your rain.

  2. Wow! This is my idea of a perfect dinner as well. I just adore salmon and pesto and grilled veggies. ;) I'm so craving this now.
    Thanks for the wine review, I'll look for it at BevMo

  3. Lauren, it's a deal. I'm beginning to get webbing between my toes, and crazily, it has started to rain. Again!!

    I fuss, but life is good no matter where it's happening!

  4. What a gorgeous meal! I wish I could try that special salmon. It looks amazing.

  5. Your post and the meal was poetry. I could practically smell the rain and smoke from the grill and taste the wine. What a joy to read...

  6. Your salmon looks perfect:-)

  7. Looks good! Salmon season rocks here in Oregon! Can't wait to see you again and maybe cook together!

  8. That is the right stuff! I ate salmon many times when I was out there last and miss it done well close to where it comes from.

    And of course you have some of the world's best Pinot just laying around. How could I not be jealous?


  9. That's some great looking salmon. I've never tried it with pesto before!

  10. Now, that's a perfect meal! Kate@kateiscooking

  11. mmmmm... I love hearing about those salmon! Wow... what a meal worth waiting for. Everything looks delicious and as always a thank you for the wine tip!

  12. We are fans of Copper River King, and recently of the Copper River Sockeye, which is available all summer YAY. Your meal looks perfect, and love the wine paring too.

  13. I adore salmon. Had some tonight. Wild salmon is even better. With pesto is even better. Great flavor combination.


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