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$25 a Plate Dinner in Under 30 Minutes, At Home

Ages ago, lore has it, Italian prostitutes cooked up a pot of spicy pasta Puttenesca to lure in clients with its scent. Here's the modern day hook: If you were to order this in a restaurant you'd pay $25 easy. You can make it in the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the cost in under 30 minutes. Such a sweet weeknight deal. No dark alley required.

The simple, boldly flavored sauce is a breeze for anyone with a decent larder and a spatula. The amazingly tender pasta by Esotico Pasta in Silverton, Oregon-- just within my preferred 100-mile local food-gathering radius-- is what elevates this dish to the $25 level. Without it, it would be an ordinary $12 a plate experience. Pop open a bag of their pasta and notice the intense puff of aromatics not typically found in colorful pasta. This time I used their Three Pepper Pasta, and was knocked over by its glorious scent that was perfect for this dish.

Pasta Puttenesca with Shrimp

Serves 4

1 8 oz. package high-quality pasta

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