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Trust Yourself: The Best Granola Ever for Autumn, or Any Time

The best cooks have an intuitive backbone. Only a few start that way— the rest have to develop those instincts. I'm a big believer in Alfred Adler's Fake It Until You Make It school of psychology, or as Adler called it, "acting as if." A cohort of Freud, Adler's method of feigning optimism, competence, and confidence is said to help us be the person we want to be.

Julia Child's journey proves that "acting as if" can be true for cooking. Like Julia, jump in there and trust your instincts. Trust yourself to recognize when it is necessary to follow recipes to a tee, when it's time to relax a bit, and to always be curiously invested in noticing what happens along the way. No matter if you are an inexperienced, so-so, or advanced cook, innate trust propels one into success like nothing else.

Yes, there's science to cooking, most of which becomes self-evident to the aware cook with each near-miss or failure or two. The willingness to explore and ex…

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