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Welcome back!

Five years ago I put Sticks Forks Fingers to bed, thinking it was a concluded project. Today, on little more than a whim, I open Chapter Two of Sticks Forks Fingers.

This new chapter will take a deeper look at the creative process behind building a meal, chosing a wine, or throwing a party; and more on Oregon living.

On background, since my last post Scott and I have moved from our 5-acre country place back to the city, and now back out to another glorious 20-acre country home. I plan to be here until I die. We've found the closest thing to heaven on earth.

Scott and I also attended a viticulture and enology program— our due diligence on planting a vineyard at our former property. At the end of the very first viticulture class, I vowed that I couldn't spend the rest of my life laying awake worrying about pests, frosts, chemical overspray from neighbors, and the host of things successful farmers must be concerned about. Oregon has so many vine producers who know what they are d…

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