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Can Opener Quarantine Gourmet

It is Week Four of quarantine, and our fresh food supply is dwindling in an attempt to keep grocery store contacts to a minimum. The reserves of fresh vegetables in the fridge are waning, and some of them are earmarked for upcoming meals. But let's not that keep us from some tasty nearly-gourmet meals! We are prepared and ready to carry on!

One of the things I'm enjoying about working from home-- besides the yoga pant dress code and hanging out with my four-legged support staff-- is not having to worry about packing a lunch every day. That one small thing makes life so much simpler and stressless. It's so much nicer to take a break from the computer and whip up something spontaneous.

Nearly all the ingredients for today's Mediterranean Garbanzo Salad came from the cans and jars in the pantry rather than the fridge, and they still offer a really nice fresh tasting plant-based meal. National emergency or not, stocking up on things like this is how I roll. Don't fret…

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