October 28, 2010

Confluence: New Zealand and Oregon

New Zealand Chardonnay and Oregon Hazelnut and Squash Pizza

Our dear friend, the Honorable Doug Mitchell, with whom we've shared river rafting adventures and misadventures, long dinner table talks, and other good bits of life, officiated our wedding ceremony. In his opening remarks, he described lives coming together in marriage as being similar to the confluence of rivers flowing together to create something larger than themselves. The theme of confluence has been on my mind ever since.

Our first (and fantastic, I may add) post-honeymoon meal at home reflected a beautiful confluence of Oregon and New Zealand ingredients. The two came together like the Rhine and Mosel. Or better, the Young and Makarora. Or, maybe even the Rogue and Illinois.

Te Kairanga, a lovely Martinborough winery in New Zealand's Wairarapa wine region, produces several interesting varietals, but it was their 2008 Casarina Reserve Chardonnay I couldn't come home without. While at their cellar door (NZ for tasting room), I found hints of toasty hazelnuts, lush yet zingy lemon curd, and soft lees-y butteriness that set my food-and-wine pairing wheels in motion.
Eighteen hours straight in either an airport or airplane on the way home gave me some good time to think about that wine and our next meal. As I whiled away the hours over magazines, my good pal, Martha, provided the just-right inspiration with her November article on Oregon hazelnuts. Hadn't I tasted hazelnut notes in the wine? Butternut squash pizza with hazelnut crust. Te Kairanga Chardonnay. Confluence.

Our honeymoon trip occurred during the New Zealand spring, just as we are squarely into the fall season up above the equator. While Down Under we were served several menu items from the end of their pumpkin season, setting our tastebuds for the first Delicata squash from our own garden. Additional Oregon goodness in this recipe included fresh sage from my ten-year-old plant in the herb pot outside our back door and hazelnuts purchased from a local grower at our farmer's market. The beautiful long-necked garlic? A special wedding gift from our friend Chip, straight out of his garden, as a symbol of good luck and blessing from his Italian tradition.

My Baby schlepped the spicy, acidic, bright green and delicious New Zealand olive oil home in his suitcase. We had shared it with bread, cheese, and wine during a stay in a charming converted stable in the Marlborough region. I'd wanted to leave the open bottle behind, imagining an oily explosion in our bags at 11,000 feet. His good packing prevailed, and it is ours to enjoy while it lasts.

Recipe notes: While delicious in flavor, I found the dough recipe, as written, to be too dry and tough. Next time I'll make the dough a bit softer (less flour/more water) for more tenderness. Also, I succumbed to the written directions and set my convection oven temperature to the recommended 500˚. I know better. Next time, 450˚to allow the veggies to soften before the crust turns too brown. Our Delicata squash was terrific, as would be any pumpkin or squash, so you have lots of freedom there. And, I added big crumbles of Queso Fresco for a little creamy cheesiness. The magazine's ancillary hazelnut crusted broccoli rabe pizza recipe was also tremendous, and I won't hesitate to make it again either.

Our First Meal at Home as Husband and Wife

The food/wine match result was a smash hit. The lemony zing provided a contrasting lift to the earthy nuts and squash, while its round soft texture worked in harmony with the texture of the squash and the olive oil notes. It's good to be home!

October 27, 2010

Thanks Upon Thanks

What a fantastic few weeks I've had! Being surrounded by some of the most special and important people in my life, marrying the man of my dreams, and then being whisked away to New Zealand for a two-week honeymoon has exceeded any of my delightful imaginings. I'm still sorting out all the wonderful moments of this time to share in greater detail, but for now I have two goals.
Goal One: To thank two very wonderful people. I wanted my full attention to be on My Baby and our new marriage during our honeymoon, so I asked for a little help. Two people kept the Sticks Forks Fingers ball rolling and scored a few goals in my stead, and I am indebted.

Jason Phelps at Ancient Fire Wine Blog agreed to post not once, not twice, but three times in my absence. He let you know where in the world I was, and did it with insightful New Zealand wine reviews. His sharing of how he and his beautiful bride, Margot, met was priceless and sweet. Then, he topped it off with sharing how they celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary with style and heart. You must check it out, just to see Margot's fabulous red dress alone! Jason is a winemaker himself, and his perspectives on wines are always interesting and informative. I know you had to enjoy him. But, there's more...

Jason is the most stand-up of stand-up kinds of men. When he says he'll do something, he'll do it. How do I know?? Because, of all times, Jason got really, really ill while I was away. Seriously ill. But blog away on my behalf he did, and his big heart shined through.

Jason, you're tops in my book, and I can't wait until the four of us pop a cork together someday and review a wine together face to face!

A gorgeous modern apartment building.

Lauren Zabaneh at Foodie House with Lauren also took a guest posting slot. Lauren is one clever, funny, interesting and cool woman. The first time I read her blog, I felt like I'd known her forever. Her quirky, fun, innovative and creative self gets me laughing with every post, and she's a darn fine cook to boot. Her recipes are solid and gorgeous. Her photography is perfect. And she does this all with three children under the age of four. In her guest post, she shared about meeting, dating and marrying her Hubs, again with a great New Zealand wine review and romantic recipes to match. But, again, there's more...

A little modern humor mixed in with the history.

Lauren stepped in for me during a particularly important time for her. She's in the running to win the Foodbuzz Project Food Blog contest, requiring a lot of serious attention to her own blog. When she wins she'll be the new queen of internet food blogging. So, please go to her site and vote for her! She's the kind of gal that would be able to parlay that into a TV show. And you could say that you helped get her there with your vote!

My Baby and I, outside the ChristChurch Cathedral

Goal Two: To show all of you that My Baby and I did more than just drink great New Zealand wine on our honeymoon! Here I share some photos of the beautiful and historic city of Christchurch. I hope you enjoy them.

Christchurch is home the International Antarctic Centre, a museum dedicated to the historic expeditions.
Statue honoring Robert Scott's Antarctic expedition.

Inside ChristChurch Cathedral, a most beautiful place.

Gorgeous hand-carved pulpit.

Ancient, and I mean really, really, old flags hanging in the cathedral.

A beautiful plaque in the cathedral.

Just minutes before this photo was taken, we heard these little boys sing and read mass. Have you ever heard a boy's choir perform such a thing? Amazingly beautiful.

I took these photos just to prove to myself that they were real boys, not some angelic beings.

Yes, real boys, alright!

Incredible statuary honoring the young who lost their lives in defense of their country.

Damage from the September 4 earthquake, magnitude 7.1. Other than this building we saw very little signs of damage in the downtown area.

October 22, 2010

Celebrating A Life Together

This is our last guest post while Pam is off in New Zealand. We would like to say congratulations once again and welcome her home with the story of how we celebrated our ten year anniversary.

Wedding Take One: It is 1997, we are both recently out of college and do not have a lot of money. Our desire was to be married so three months of planning led to a small ceremony in Jason’s grandmother’s garden and a reception at the local church hall. Not the grandest of events, but we were young and in love so we got married; That is what it is all about, right?

Flash Forward 10 years: Though not a stereotypical woman in many ways Margot had always dreamed of having a bigger wedding, a larger celebration with friends and family and yes….a dress.  Jason wanted to give his bride what she wanted, but it did take some mighty hint dropping. 

We planned the event together and knew for certain what we wanted:  A real reception, as many friends as possible, good food, music and great drinks.  No church meeting hall prohibition on alcohol at this wedding reception. We picked a local function facility, picked a menu of hot appetizers to be passed around and got a DJ.

More planning went into the table settings that consisted of the same Fire and Ice Roses that Margot had carried 10 years earlier (to give credit that was Jay’s idea) and custom labeled chocolate bars for our guests to take home.

Of course what to wear was a big focus, for both of us. Not only was Margot getting her first tailored, dress shop dress, Jay was going all out with a three piece suit.  We think we did pretty good!

The guest list had one criteria. We wanted to invite the people who had supported us throughout or relationship. These people came from some many different phases in our life: high school, college, different jobs, and of course family. There was so much love in the room, it was overwhelming.

( Margot's Family )

( Jason's Family )

( Margot and friend Terri )

( Jason and his fraternity brothers doing what they do best! )

( Margot and friend Melissa )

( Margot and her sorority sisters )

( Margot and friends Jane & Missi )

We started the evening with a champagne toast thanking our guests not only for attending but for their support through the years. This celebration was as much for them as it was for us.

The rest of the party was a blur for us both, the food was good (or so Margot heard as she never really got any) and the DJ got us dancing. We had put together two scrap book albums of our years together for the guests to look through. They were a hit. Since Margot’s parents had both passed on we made sure a picture of them was displayed as they surely had taught me that true love does exist.

The evening wrapped up with Margot’s brother David grabbing a microphone and singing along to ACDC’s Dirty Deeds. Ahhh, the feeling of a wedding reception is only complete when someone does something they will FOREVER be reminded of!

At the end of the evening when we were alone Jason thanked me (Margot), saying he was so happy we had done this and that it was one of the best nights of his life. I can say it was one of the best of mine too. Weddings and receptions are great, a celebration of a new life beginning, but we believe we finally got it right. Our wedding was a small ceremony that bonded us for life. Our anniversary party was a true celebration of what we had built and what we had been through so far. We were much stronger then that were as the young couple that got married in 1997. Jason had fought cancer and won, and we had lost Margot’s mother after years of illness. In short, we, and our marriage were battle tested. We were more in love than we thought possible on that day we said our vows.  Now THAT is something to celebrate.

We hope that Pam is enjoying her honeymoon and comes home with many stories to share with us on this blog. The greatest story will be the one her and her husband write day by day as they enjoy their lives together. I’m sure they will take the opportunity to celebrate along the way and share their love with us as they do!


--Margot & Jason

October 21, 2010

New Zealand Wines

If you have never had wine from New Zealand you are definitely missing something. I haven’t been to New Zealand, yet, but through a combination of a wine class on Australia & New Zealand and lots of self-study I have grown to love the wines from New Zealand.

This is week two of Pam’s honeymoon to New Zealand and I can only imagine the adventures she has already been on. For the first of this week’s two guest posts I thought I would share a few of the things I have learned about New Zealand wines and provide a review of a recent bottle of Marlborough Pinot Noir we enjoyed.

Grape growing and winemaking are found on both of the islands that make up New Zealand and wines are typically promoted based on the region from which they hail. New Zealand is broken into sixteen separately governed regions and these designations also carry over to the ten most active wine–making regions in the country. The most widely known wine regions are Marlborough and Hawkes Bay. Winemaking in New Zealand dates back to the middle 19th century, but the wine business that we know today didn’t really take off until the middle of the 20th century.

Sauvignon Blanc is the success story for New Zealand wines with critical acclaim beginning in the 1980’s and continuing to this day. The Marlborough region has been hailed by several critics as the finest region for the production of Sauvignon Blanc in the world. Pinot Noir is the standout red wine largely due to it being a better fit than other red varietals for the climate throughout much of New Zealand. There are several sub-regions however that are warmer and drier where Cabernet, Merlot and other red wine grapes do very well.

At a recent dinner party we tasted three New Zealand Pinot Noir’s, all from the Marlbrough region. The best of the three was the 2008 bottling from the Tohu (Tor-who) wine company. Tohu was the first Maori-owned wine company in the world, and according to their web site they strive to reflect their people’s passion for the land and agriculture in their wines. Good wine with a great story definitely increases its appeal for me!

We were met with cherries and berries on the nose. I also picked up a bit more earthiness in the nose than the other two wines we had tasted. This wine was silky with obvious, but balanced, oak and mild tannins. We paired it with braised lamb and a tomato & mushroom ragout over parmesan mashed potatoes. We also served a beet salad with feta cheese and slivered almonds. The wine and the food were a great match. The gaminess of the meat paired very well with the earthy flavors in the wine. The toasted almonds from the beet salad were a particularly interesting match for this wine, bringing out more of the wood and smoke. I would bet this wine will age well, but was plenty drinkable now.

Hopefully Pam has been enjoying some New Zealand wines and has some incredible stories to bring back and share. Check back on Friday when Margot and I share the story of our 10 year anniversary party we threw to celebrate our charmed life.



October 15, 2010

Love Then and Love Now

Greetings all you Sticks Forks Fingers fans! My name is Lauren Zabaneh. My blog is Foodie House (which I was granted permission to shamelessly plug) and I will be doing a bit of “babysitting” around here while Pam is off gallivanting around the hills of New Zealand, wine-tasting and forgetting about the rest of us (as she should), for her much anticipated honeymoon.

Foodie House is a food blog of recipes and stories of either food-crafting or motherhood, but always something I’m inspired to write about. If the previous two things don’t fit the bill of inspiration, I will write about whatever does. I’m a storyteller and my joy is to bring food to life with humorous narrative and thoughtful photography.

When Pam asked me to do this “blog foster care”, as she calls it, I was thrilled. Pam is one very special lady. She’s well-spoken, witty and can review wine like nobody’s business. She keeps me laughing with her sense of humor and outlook on life. And if I could visit anybody’s backyard, in these 50 great states, it would be hers. I’m hoping someday we can crack open a choice bottle of wine and shoot the breeze in her well-cultivated garden. So here’s to you Pam, dear! I thoroughly hope you and your hubby are enjoying the rolling green hills, vineyards and wines of New Zealand.

So let’s get romantic, shall we? Since I am feeling inspired by Pam’s wedding and honeymoon, I thought I would share a snippet of the night the Hubs and I got engaged, accompanied by a wine review and some snacks. Who doesn’t love snacks?

Over the past eleven years of marriage, the Hubs and I have been through a lot together. We’ve lived many places. We’ve adopted children and had one the old-fashioned way. We’ve had adventures together (parenting being the greatest), made bad choices, made good choices; have had yelling matches and making-up matches. We agree that we are each other’s best friend and help-mate. We give each other a boost when we need it and a chewing out when we need that too. All in all, we love each other.

We had dated a mere 4 months and he popped the question. We were head over heals for one another. We knew after a month of dating that we were destined to tie the knot…and we were only 21 years old.

Some thought us crazy and we were kinda freaked out by it too. I mean, we had just met. We were not even friends before we dated. It was like, “Hi. I think I love you.”

The first week of November of 1998, the Hubs (then, “the Boyfriend”), broke his arm playing football with a bunch of his buddies. He broke it bad enough that he had to have a plate and screws put in. I played nursemaid to him, giving him his medications and letting him crash at my place. There’s nothing a man loves more than a woman taking care of him- that and a delicious meal.
About a week later, he tells me he wants to take me out for a nice dinner on the Plaza (we were living in Kansas City at the time). I was excited as it had been a rough week with his broken arm and I had just started cosmetology school the same week. Oh, and I also had a horrible case of laryngitis. So, I could barely speak. Not so great when your have to answer the most important question of your life!

He took me to a special little restaurant called the Classic Cup. It’s my kind of place- crisp white tablecloths, shimmering stemware and excellent service. I ordered the vegetable lasagna and he ordered the shrimp Diablo. (Why I remember that, when I can’t even remember if I took my vitamins this morning, I will never know.) We were chatting and having a good time. Supposedly he was extremely nervous.  I can’t say that I thought he was acting weird or anything. He did, however, look funny with his giant cast and wonkster arm sling. Now that I think about it, he did have a couple drinks before dinner. It would be easy to assume the proposal happened because of a lapse in judgment due to a whiskey sour and some pain medication, but that wouldn’t be very romantic, now would it?

We had talked about getting engaged here and there. In the past he had mentioned getting engaged when he had enough money to buy a ring, so he was shooting for the summer. During dinner that night, I remember asking him how we could even afford to do it in the summer and he answered me, “Just like this.” He came over to my side of the table, got down on one knee and with his arm in a sling, he told me how much he loved me, showed me the ring he hand-picked and asked me to marry him. I was crying so hard and barely had a voice that it was hard to squeak out a “yes”. I was so completely surprised. I didn’t see it coming at all. That’s what made it so great. It was incredibly special and one of the best nights of my life. When we came back to my house (my parent’s actually) I was announcing it like it was news to them, but they already knew all about it.

The night we got engaged. I couldn't wipe that smile off my face for weeks!

Our Wedding Day.

So are you in the mood for a wine and snack treat? I hope so. I’ve got you all warm and fuzzy so you won’t notice that I’ve only done one other wine review in my life. I’ve tasted a lot of wine, but usually someone else tells me what I’m tasting…like the label on the back of the bottle.
I’ve come up with a very simple, romantic and potentially cheesy wine tasting snack for those who are freshly proposed to, or married, or honeymooning in, let’s say, New Zealand? Perfect.

Cheesy? Yes. Expensive? No. I chose an inexpensive ($9.99) bottle of Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc, because it is from the featured country of New Zealand and Sauvignon Blanc is one of my favorite wines. It’s light, dry and easy to drink. I could not help myself from making cliché chocolate dipped strawberries and heart-shaped crostinis. You don’t have to spend a lot to make a beautiful spread that goes well with just about any wine.
I started by making the chocolate-dipped strawberries- so incredibly simple, but a must-have at any romantic setting. Who can resist the crack of the hardened chocolate sinking into the soft, ripe strawberry? Pretty sensuous food, I’d say.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

12 ripe strawberries
4 oz. good quality chocolate ( I used 60% cacao Ghirardelli chocolate)

Microwave chocolate for one minute on high, stirring half-way through, then stir again and continue heating in 20 second intervals, until just melted.

Have your strawberries washed and dried very well. Dip into the chocolate, almost to the top and set on parchment paper to set. Chill in fridge for at least 10 minute before serving.

These are just glorified toasts. “Crostini” sounds fancier and with the addition of rosemary, well, let’s just say, you will want more than a few of these. Poor Hubs, he went to grab another one and there was only one left. He asks, “Who ate all of these?” At the moment I could have blamed my three year old son, who was currently chomping away with a sprig of rosemary hanging on the side of his mouth, but I didn’t and sheepishly confessed that I was the culprit and blamed the wine for making me overly hungry.

Heart-Shaped Crostini

2 large slices of rustic Italian bread, thinly sliced
2 large slices of multi-grain seeded bread, thinly sliced
(really, just use whatever bread you like)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Fresh rosemary
Salt and Pepper

Heat the oven to 400 degrees. Using a heart shaped cookie cutter, cut out 8-10 hearts and drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with fresh rosemary and salt and pepper. Bake for approximately 10-15 minutes. Remove when they are turning a nice golden brown.

Hunk ‘O Cheese and Grapes

Handful of grapes
Nice wedge of cheese

I found the most luscious cheese at Whole Foods. The cheese girl, who works there, was encouraging me to expand my palate and get goat cheese. I hate goat’s cheese, truly. I’ve tried so hard to like it, over and over again. And each time the same gag reflex rears its ugly head. I just can’t do it. But I can do Gouda, probably because it’s not goat cheese. I love Gouda and this one is one of the best I have ever had.

It’s called Uniekaas Reserve Gouda. It went for about $11.99 a pound, and is a cow’s milk cheese. It’s aged to the point where it’s almost like parmesan, with the salty, crunchy bits running through it. That is my favorite part. It tasted like browned butter to me, creamy, but crumbly. You have to try this stuff. Cheese gold.

I figured what better to go with cheese than a nice handful of grapes? So I piled those on with the salty cheese, herbaceous crostini with the sweet strawberries on the side. Lit a few candles, poured the wine and…

You’re expecting me to say, Then the Hubs and I waltzed into the bedroom to consume our luscious platter of snacking delights and imbibe our New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc on our luxurious bed, while whispering sweet nothings and gently brushing crostini crumbs from one another’s dewy faces, as we laughed in the delight of one another’s company. (que record scratching) Right. We have kids now.

This is how it really went down:

Half-way through our meal of turkey pot pies (homemade, none of that Swanson crap), I break out the post-photographed snack platter and glasses of wine. I ask the Hubs if he wanted to do a wine review with me. He replies with his classic, “Wine not?” He says the same thing anytime I ask him if he wants a glass of wine. He thinks he’s funny.

None of this was at all romantic, but still fun. The moment the kids saw me set down this snack platter, they started clamoring for a “heart toast”.

During the actual wine tasting, the kids were chattering away at the table, as kids do, mixing their versions of Mary Poppin tunes with random toddler squeak, and here we are trying to be ever so refined and smell bouquets and look at “legs”. Total joke. We tried to hush them, even for a moment so we could hear ourselves taste the wine. Make sense? For some reason, with all the noise around us, it made it incredibly hard to taste the wine. So, I went outside on the porch, to close my eyes, breathe in and taste this wine. Ah! Apples and flowers. That was my first impression. Delicious.

The Hubs thought it was, “Spicy, citrus-y and peppery.” He was thoroughly enjoying our snacking together, regardless of how un-sexy it was. Oh, and when I asked him what he would rate it on a scale of 1-10, he gave it a 7. I would gladly give it an 8.5. Really good.

This wine went perfectly with the richness of the olive oil on the crostini and the crumbly, buttery-ness of the gouda. I had to stop myself. It was going from wine tasting to wine grazing.

Now, the wine with the chocolate strawberries…eh. Not amazing. I think I know what it was. Since I pretty much hate any chocolate other than dark, I would not have considered dipping the strawberries in milk or white chocolate, BUT with this wine, as tart as it is, I think milk chocolate would have been more appropriate. With that said, as soon as the strawberry hits your tongue, the wine goes very well.

So that, my dears, is my two cents. I hope you’ve enjoyed this walk down my memory lane. I certainly have enjoyed this guest post here at Pam’s place.

To Pam and her Baby, I want to wish you the best wine-tasting, romantic gallivanting, memory-making, frivolous and extravagant time of your lives. Here’s to you!

Love ya, Foodies!

October 13, 2010

Where In The World Is Pam?

Pam’s post about the kickoff-off to her wedding festivities reminded me about how my wife and I felt when we got married in 1997. I’m Jason from the Ancient Fire Wines blog and I have to thank Pam for asking me to be a guest poster while she and her Baby are off on their honeymoon. I met Pam through our mutually wine focused blogs earlier this year, drawn to her incredible style, creative ideas, knowledge of the local wines and unending zeal. We’ve exchange many great messages since, including blockbuster wine recommendations and a brie and fig pizza recipe that knocked the socks off of party guests!

Congratulations to Pam and Her Baby!!! Their story is definitely one to celebrate and I have all the belief that their wedding was a wonderful and unforgettable event. And not to let us all down they are now spending two weeks in New Zealand! I haven’t been there, but having studied the winemaking and the wines I know enough. For wine-obsessed people New Zealand is one destination with a plethora of unique sights, tastes and sips to make for a wonderful trip.  I’m jealous, for sure.

I thought I would share the story of how my wife Margot and I met and how we’ve celebrated our story as an affirmation of the precious life Pam has ahead of her.

When my wife and I tell people that we met on a college spring break trip to Jamaica we often get a lot of surprised looks. Pam mentioned love at first sight, well sort of. Make no mistake I thought Margot was cute and she definitely got my attention when I first saw her. I on the other hand wasn’t looking very presentable and my reputation as a party guy didn’t help. We talked a lot that week hanging out on the beach, swimming in the ocean, jumping off cliffs and climbing the world-renown Dunn’s River Falls. We both headed home hoping to get to know each other better and see what happened. We were both denying it…

( What a trip! We all still talk about it. Margot is
in the back center and I am on the right in back )

Our relationship flourished in the remaining six weeks of my senior year. I’d be leaving New Hampshire to take my first job in Connecticut, and she’d be heading home to work another summer before her last year of school. We visited as often as we could and when school resumed I made the trip to see her every other weekend. Our time apart was painful but the effort we spent made our relationship stronger. We got our first apartment together the following year and commenced being inseparable. Having a person around that you share so much love with is intoxicating, and being able to spend all of your time together is a true joy.

Being young, working our first jobs and not wanting to burden our families with the bills from a wedding, we went small and planned it quick. Due to job demands and some questionable choices on our part our honeymoon was a bust and not a great way to celebrate. We were not deterred. We were married, overwhelming happy and living a dream.

But fear not, we’ve celebrated with three return visits to Jamaica. Hopefully some of our favorite sights and the emotional connections we have to them come across as examples of what awaits Pam and Her Baby in New Zealand.

Jamaica is a place of stunning beauty with lush tropical forests opening out onto white sandy beaches and clear blue shallow waters. On our first trip back the first thing we wanted to do when we got settled in was walk on the beach. Hand-in-hand is the best way to take in a sunrise walk on the beach!

( Sunrise in Runaway Bay, Jamaica )

While we didn’t jump off any 40 foot cliffs since our initial trip to the island we did revisit Dunn’s River Falls. If you get to the Ocho Rios area of the island this is a must-do activity. Hikers start on the beach and hold hands to help each other climb up the slippery rocks up to head of the falls. Margot and I are all over that. Being able to splash around in warm pools of water, kiss under the falls and spend time together in such a beautiful place are precious memories. (Unfortunately our all of our falls pictures are in print form and we are down a scanner at the moment.)

I’ll leave with something that gives away healthy and loving relationships every time, smiles.

( Christmas 2005 )

( A beatiful Jamaican day! )

( Private dinner on the beach )

( Out for the evening )

( Margot was having an equipment malfunction! )

( This picture says it all. Hanging with your best friend in one
of the most wondferul places we know )

Best wishes to Pam for safe travels and more fun that they could have ever hoped for. Oh, and some great wine!

I’ll be back next week with a New Zealand wine review and photos and stories from the party we threw celebrate our 10th anniversary.



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